Foods to Avoid at the Thanksgiving Table if You Want to Keep your Abs

Foods to Avoid at the Thanksgiving Table if You Want to Keep your Abs

Getting ripped abs is a dedication that actually starts at the dinner table not the gym and if you’ve busted your ass trying to get them, you will want to keep them by avoiding these foods at the Thanksgiving table. 

Refrain from refined grains.  There are actually great gains for gaining muscle and good carbs but it’s the refined grains that could cause fat to find its way your gut. So what are refined grains? Well, they are likely to be in your white-buttered rolls or white, fluffy rices and pastas. If they make their to your plate, just keep passing.

Beer and soda.   Soda and beers contain not only those tiny bubbles that will bloat you out in your favorite pants but will keep you feeling bloated the whole meal. There is also a shit ton of sugar in sodas so why waste those calories on a drink? If you want some alcohol with your meal, stick to a white wine that is dry. 

Mashed potatoes.   This is a tough one to pass on. Potatoes and especially white ones have a higher glycemic index than sugar! Why? Well, blame is on the amount of starch that white potatoes contain which is no good for maintaining those abs. If you must have some, a little dollop for taste will do. Otherwise, reach for the green beens instead. 

Processed sugars.   By now, we have all heard the word “processed” in our foods. Well, pre-packaged foods that sit on shelves and never age can age your body pretty fast. Many of these processed foods HAVE to contain sugar and sodium so they can stick to its shelf life. If it comes in a package and doesn’t spoil for several months or until the end of time, just avoid it. It’s better to go for fresh-baked cookies and keep em’ to a minimum. 

Don’t drop your workout routine.   It’s easy to skip out on workout routines when they are abruptly interrupted by family obligations or family drama. This is can especially challenging if you are traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday. Even if you are not “killing it” during these workouts, it’s easier to return to your normal routine when you are not completely MIA at a gym. Here’s a blog on how to get those six-pack abs in case you don’t have them but want them.

As always, never start a new diet or exercise plan without consulting your physician first. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving and kick-ass abs.

Prep and Tips Before Bringing Your Date or Girlfriend to Thanksgiving Dinner

Prep and Tips on Bringing Your Date or Girlfriend to Thanksgiving Dinner

Moving in together or leaving a toothbrush and a change of clothes at your girlfriend’s place may have seemed like the biggest leap in your relationship but it pales in comparison to that first major holiday. 

Are you sweating already thinking of the innapropriate jokes that your Uncle Mark will tell while the mashed potatoes are passed? And let’s not forget that your mother might bring up marriage and grandchildren again. 

RELAX…..because we have compiled some survival tips to bringing a date or your girlfriend to the first Thanksgiving feast. 

Prep time.  Before you hop a flight, or jump in the car have some time scheduled over a meal before you arrive. It could be a casual lunch of brunch but just make sure it happens before you find your place at the table. This not only allows downtime before she mets your family but some bonding time as well. 

Introduce your family before she meets them.  Without going to the dark side or getting too negative let her know that Uncle Mark may tell jokes about boobs or that your mom is not ready to let go of her son or a time table for grandkids. No matter who will drop the first offensive sentence, let her know that you’ve got her back and remind yourself that she most likely has a family very similar to this. 

Bring a gift.   Encourage her to bring flowers or a nice bottle of wine. This is where your knowledge of your dysfunctional family pays off. You don’t want her to bring something too personal so some guidance on your mom’s favorite flower is a nice touch. Or at least know which flowers she’s allergic to and hates. If you don’t know, ask your dad. 

Avoid the temptation to prep your family.  Maybe it’s crossed your mind to call your mom and ask her to tone down the questions about marriage and grandkids. DON’T. This could backfire in your face for many reasons but mostly for the ones you don’t want to think of such as “I’ll show him.” 

Check your drinking.  DO enjoy a few, a FEW glasses of wine or beer but keep your drinking in check. You don’t want to slip up while slurring. If you feel the need to party, slip off afterwards in celebration or defeat. 

Lastly, try to include your girlfriend or date. For instance, find commonalities between your sister’s yoga classes and the fact that your girlfriend never misses an opportunity to fall into child’s pose. Or maybe where she grew up was close to where Aunt Gene lived for 10 years. 

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving! 

How to Survive Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Family at Thanksgiving

How to Survive Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Family at Thanksgiving

I still remember the first time I met my first serious girlfriend’s family for the first time. Before I go into the details, I want to let you know that the girl you think you know may be nothing like her family, or worse (in my case)—could be like them. And if you plan on meeting your girl’s family for the first time, doing it at Thanksgiving is a brave move. 

It all started with a few beers, a few shots and a bottle of wine during dinner. I was living in NYC in a cramped apartment that was scarcely 400 square-feet and had the nerve to call itself a two-bedroom one-bath place. 

Stumbling home, my inhibitions were replaced with the word words, I love you. At least that’s what my girlfriend thought I said. And so, a plan was hatched (by her) to buy plane tickets to visit her family as a plus one to Florida. 

I didn’t really know much about her family outside of the fact that her mother liked red wine and her father loved to play pool in the game room. She spoke of the bond that she had with her older sister who lived next door to their parents and how her brother deserved more compassion because of the shitty hand life had dealt him. 

The reality? Within the first five minutes of meeting her mother she asked me if I wanted to get high (to the horror of my girlfriend), her sister was insanely jealous of her and spent around 10 minutes talking about herself and my girlfriend’s most embarrassing party fouls like that time she danced on a bar or had to pee in the glow of car tail lights at an outdoor concert. Basically, her sister was performing a textbook cock block. 

And her brother might have had is own set of issues, but his humor was insulting and not in a good Don Rickles kind of way. He just kept poking fun at everyone at a fifth-grade level and intellect. He also stepped outside to hit a bong every few minutes and “mom” joined in. 

Needless to say, the flight home was a quiet one and I barely spoke to my girlfriend as I mulled over the past 38 hours of uncomfortable beds and moments. I damn near broke up with her before we even touched down at LaGuardia. 

Here are my takeaways from surviving meeting your girlfriend’s family: 

-Expect the unexpected or be prepared for your girlfriend to act a little “off.” Remember, these are her people or the ones that raised her and impacted who she is today. Or, it could go the other way and she clams up and retreats. Be ready to go into full observation mode. 

-Avoid the topic of religion and politics at all costs, and get the hell out of any room where Fox News or CNN is on. Seriously, high tail it out of there. 

-Don’t get drunk with the pervy alcoholic uncle in the family. Actually, don’t get drunk with the family alcoholic. Want to know which one is the heavy drinker? Typically, it’s the first person to pop the cork the earliest in the day. 

-Bite your tongue. You are most likely being sized up as worthy to date their daughter, so everything you are saying is being analyzed. You may even be baited into talking about sex, and not necessarily with your girlfriend but just general locker room talk. Instead of sharing any conquests or regrets over a beer goggle hookup, turn the conversation back to the stories of the guy conducting the covert inquest. 

Follow these steps and you should stay out of trouble. One additional bit of advice….keep the visit short as in 48 hours or less.