Netflix’s Show Dating Around Full of Dating Tips for Guys 

Netflix’s Show Dating Around Full of Dating Tips for Guys

Now that I am completely caught up on Peaky Blinders, I was looking for a new show to binge watch. Normally, my Netflix show tastes differ greatly from my girlfriend’s choices. She’s into shows like Glow, The Crown, and re-runs of Friends. 

It took some convincing but she talked me into watching the new Netflix show, Dating Around. It’s still a reality show about dating but a far cry from the early days of dating like Shipmates. Remeber.. it was hosted by Chris Hardwick..yes, the same Chris Hardwick that hosts The Walking Dead’s equally-successful talk show, Talking Dead.

There wasn’t much to learn from the show besides how far people will go to be total dicks or to get laid. But we’ve come a long way since 2001-2003. Well, kinda. Back to Netflix’s Dating Around. 

When she first hit the play button, I was like, “is this another version of The Bachelor?” But after it was on for about 5 minutes, I realized there was more going on that some douchebag trying to string along a bunch of girls looking for their fifteen minutes. 

In Dating Around there is no rose. Each show opens with one person on several different dates at the same restaurant hoping to meet someone that they like enough for a second date. That’s right, the pressure of love or “finding that special person” has been lifted which is just one of many reasons that I think guys will enjoy it as well. 

The first episode is probably the biggest education for single guys and from where I was sitting, he was a player but in a way that was so subtle that my girlfriend never even realized that he had dating skills that would get any loser laid. 

I didn’t share this with her but here are the dating tips and takeaways from the first episode that made me wish I knew when I wasn’t in a relationship: 

He chose a restaurant that served food that required chopsticks. Right off the bat, this guy knew which girls would be into trying something new or were sophisticated enough to know how to use chopsticks or if they slurped their food. Personally, that girl that chewed loudly would have had me running out of the door before the check arrived, but he could figure that out immediately just by his restaurant choice. 

Second, this guy was a hell of a listener. He asked open-ended questions and then commented on a few things they said. He shared just enough without having to defend himself or come off looking like a jerk. 

This is not to say that there aren’t some awkward moments but for the most part, this guy’s dating style was one we should all be aspiring to. The episode ends with him meeting up with one of the girls from his blind dates. 

As far as the subsequent episodes they are all pretty entertaining and the widower that looks like Jean-Luc Picard (Leonard episode 4) is a trip to watch and so are his dates. Just a heads up that Episode 3 (Lex) follows a gay guy on his blind dates so I decided to skip that one. 

If you are wondering how NOT to act, Episode 2 (Gurki) don’t do what Justin did on their date—dick move but I’ll let you make up your own mind about it. 

Let us know in the comments what you think of this show and if we missed anything. 

Netflix and Chill and Other Ways to Get Her in the Mood

Foreplay Tips for Guys that are Guaranteed to Turn Her On

Foreplay sometimes takes a back seat once you are in a long-term relationship but foreplay plays a very important role in your sex life—no matter how long you have been together. 

And believe it or not, guys love foreplay as much as women. Here are some ways to drive her crazy before you are even in bed. 

Slow your roll.   Take your time and whatever foreplay you are engaging in don’t rush. This is bound to drive you both wild and that is the whole point. 

Massages can and DO lead to sex.   Well, if you do it right. My girlfriend thinks I give the worst back massages and describes them as downright painful. Instead, I checked out a few videos of foot massages online and mastered the perfect foot massage. It’s less strenuous than going to town on someone’s back and if you have a foot fetish (which I do) it’s a turn-on for both of you. 

Include her in the dirty talk.  I am really into talking dirty but sometimes I realize I am having a one-way conversation about what I want to do to her without mentioning how hot her ass is or how good she smells. 

Kiss more.   Have a good ol’ fashioned makeout session on the sofa focusing on just kissing. I learned this one night by accident. We were having a Netflix and Chill night and we just went for it on the sofa. Of course, being a guy, I stopped kissing her a bit earlier than she liked. 

Take charge.    And by taking charge I don’t mean caveman style. Don’t be timid about what you want to do to her. One of the biggest turnoffs according to my girlfriend is when I ask her, “do you like this?” Instead, own that light smack to the ass. 

Don’t neglect the rest of her body.   It goes without saying that you should spend some time stimulating her via nipples or clitoris, but soft, gentle strokes along her sides, arms or buttocks goes a looong way—for both of you. 

Last but not least, ask her what she likes. This is a question that most women are dying to be asked whether it applies to sex or sushi. 

Netflix and Chill: 8 Movies to Get her in the Mood for Sex

Netflix and Chill: 8 Movies to Get her in the Mood for Sex

It’s a Netflix and chill kind of night and you’re doing searches for Scarface but you also want to get her in the mood for a little love. You know, a happy medium nestled between Casino and Titanic. Don’t worry, once you get a hold of this list you won’t want to let go. Well, only because it will get her in the mood not because you will enjoy any of them.

Pretty Woman:   This modern-day Cinderella story stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Technically, it’s not really modern day. In fact, it was released in 1990 when car phones with cords were still being used by the rich. Still, it’s fun for your girl to watch Julia Roberts play a hooker who wants it all and manages to hook up with a really rich guy. Spoiler alert: she gets the guy.

Thomas Crown Affair:   You will want to make sure that you watch the Rene Russo and Pierce Brosnan version. For starters, Rene Russo has a scene with a very long and gratuitous shot of her rack and you can’t help but want to be Pierce Brosnan when you grow up. The two are caught in a cat and mouse game after Brosnan steals a priceless painting while Russo tries catching him in the act. There’s a pretty cool sex scene as well. Although, I wouldn’t recommend going at it on marble stairs. Just sayin’.

The Notebook:    This predictable storyline is about two lovers with a passion so strong that not even dementia and a nursing home could keep them apart. With flashbacks to a time when they were younger, you get a glimpse into their fiery relationship. Plus, there is a nice scene where Rachel McAdams is soaked from the rain. Although, Ryan Gosling’s ab game is a little intimidating.

Dirty Dancing:   Again, two lovers find themselves drawn together in spite of the guy being from the wrong side of the tracks (and he can really dance) and a good girl has gone bad from a rich family. While this unrealistic narrative continues to play out, it still will lead to good sex. This new classic stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray (pre-nose job).

Unfaithful:   Another Richard Gere film but this time, he’s a good guy that puts his family first. Apparently, his wife has become bored with the housewife routine. After a trip into the city, she collides with a sexy, young lover and the film continues with some steamy sex scenes. Diane Lane has a kickin’ bod and while there are cringe-worthy scenes of Lane lying her ass off about cheating, you can’t help but see how this plays out.

Pride and Prejudice:   The 2005 version of Kiera Knightly and Matthew Macfayden is guaranteed to put her in the mood and put you to sleep. Drink a spiked coffee to stay awake until she gets her fill of Jane Austen’s classic tale of a stubborn girl that refuses to settle for an arranged marriage and a man with a big ass inheritance that shares her stubbornness.

Jerry Maguire:   Ah yes, this new classic starring Tom Cruise and Rene Zellweger finds a man at a crossroads in the life. On one hand, he’s banging Priscilla Presley and is making a shit ton of cash as a sports agent. Then, one fateful night he grows a conscience and Zellweger is ready to pounce after he basically turns into a loser. It takes awhile for Cruise to realize his value in spite of Zellweger’s attempts to bolster him up. Honestly, I have no idea why women enjoy this movie. Again, don’t try to understand, just go for it.

Titanic:   Remember that spiked coffee you will need to get through Pride and Prejudice? Well, you’re gonna wanna make it a double espresso and a Venti. This long film needs no introduction. You know the cheesy lines, you know the ship is going to sink and you know Rose will never let go of Jack. Stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio and the late Bill Paxton as a snarky modern-day treasure hunter.