April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month: Check Em’


This week’s blog we are going to go balls deep about your testicular health because April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.

Each year, approximately 8,000 men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer which is a relatively low number when compared to other cancers. However, what most guys don’t know is that this form of cancer is most prevalent in guys that are young and between the ages of 15 to 35 years-old.

So, what are your risk factors and what the heck are you supposed to do? Well, for starters, keep an eye on the ball. No seriously. If you notice the following signs or symptoms get your ass  or testicles to a doctor asap. And also feel free to have your partner or girlfriend double check for you.

Warning signs:

  • Swelling in one or both testicles (even if it’s a very subtle change)
  • Heaviness in the scrotum area
  • A painless lump small or big in one or both testicles
  • Groin pain or an aching sensation in the the lower part of your abs or back
  • Unexplained fluid that showed up suddenly in your scrotum
  • Sudden and unexplained pain in your testicles

Risks vary but are higher for guys that were born with a testicle that failed to drop, an HIV infection(always use a rubber), a history of testicular cancer, or plain old genetics.

One last risk factor: most men that are white or Caucasian tend to be diagnosed the most with testicular cancer. 

Now, for the good news. By being aware of your risk, checking your testicles each month for lumps and adding a testicular exam as part of your annual well visit with your doctor means you can catch it early. The earlier you catch it the more curable it is.

Doing the Dishes and Grocery Shopping Leads to Sexual Satisfaction Suggests Study


The number of heterosexual couples that go grocery shopping and do dishes together is on the rise since the 1990s and is leading to a more satisfying sex life, according to the Council on Contemporary Families or CCF.

Not to be confused with other menial housework tasks such as laundry or scrubbing toilets, there is something attached to doing the dishes, suggests the CCF study. Women that were elbow-deep in dishes every night or at least most of the time reportedly felt less connection and sexual satisfaction when compared to women that divided up the dishwashing with their spouses or partner.

Most men don’t care for doing the lion’s share of housework related to laundry and general cleaning any more than their female counterparts. However, they truly enjoy going to the grocery store and might even be considered a big turn on.

The biggest takeaway from the study is that not evenly splitting up or sharing household work and putting all the responsibility on just one person is not unfair but leads to resentment and a weaker relationship.

The study’s results also pointed to an uptick in today’s contemporary men and how they view their relationship and role.

Guys, the next time you are asked to wash a plate or pick out dinner ingredients remember that the payoff could be a better sex life. After all: happy wife,happy life.

For more ideas on how to take your sex life to the next level visit check out our blog on 6 vitamins to boost your sex drive and stamina.

5 of the Coolest Car and Truck Gadgets Every Guy Needs Now  

5 of the Coolest Car and Truck Gadgets Every Guy Needs Now 

When was the last time you had access to the coldest drinks while tailgating from your car or truck or have been able to display your favorite sports team lighted on your trailer hitch? Well, you can now.

This week, The Manscape Project is all about those kick-ass car gadgets every guy needs in his car, truck or SUV.

12V Portable Auto Refrigerator and Fridge Freezer

Save your battery power and your drinks from getting warm. This auto refrigerator has it all—the right amount of insulation so that your compressor uses less energy and offers battery protection. Lightweight and durable, it’s perfect for tailgating, off-roading and camping. Available on amazon.com and starts at $925.

Tail Titan Illuminated Hitch Covers

Whether you bleed blue or are a die-hard Noles’ fan these illuminated hitch covers have got all your favorite sports teams…well, covered as well. Choose from professionally licensed, NCAA, NFL, MLB or NBA logos. Assembly is easy and plugs into any standard hitch assembly—BOOM!  Available on tailtitan.com $149.99

Marvel Auto Coaster Set 

Keep your car clean protect it like a hero with this set of Marvel Auto Coaster set featuring Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man. Available on ThinkGeek.com $5.99

Scouts Mobile Mud Room 

Never worry about bring man’s best friend along with you and letting him get a little muddy on the trails. This full-on canine containment means that you can keep the dirtiest of dog(s) while keeping your car or truck clean. Unique protective features such as protective side flaps, waterproof coating and a non-scratch, soft underside. Clip and zip when you are done. Also works great for ski gear or even bringing home bags of mulch or dirt. Available on DuluthTrading.com  $69.99

Car Seat Headrest Coat Hanger from ShellKingdom 

Never worry about a wrinkled-up dress shirt or suit jacket. This handy car accessory easily attaches to the back of your headrest without slipping or sliding off the way that a normal coat hanger does. It also adapts to any style of size of clothing so you never have to worry about your clothing dropping on the floor. Available on amazon.com $16.99


Avoid These Foods that Screw With Your Sexual Drive and Performance 


One of my favorite things to talk about in this blog is what boosts sexual performance and sex drive. But hey, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so today’s blog is going to cover what you should avoid putting in your body at all costs.

Here is a list of foods and technically, drinks that will screw up your sexual drive in the worst way. The first one is a no-brainer for any guy that has experienced liquor dick but the rest might surprise you.


Well, too much alcohol which for most guys means more than three drinks. If you plan on hooking up or having sex later in the evening, cut yourself off. Excessive alcohol can cause premature ejaculation and erectile difficulties also known as the inability to “keep it up.”


Let’s say you’re at an asian eatery and enjoying some sushi and decide to have some soy sauce with your meal. In moderation, sure. However, skip the edamame. Soy has high levels of estrogen in it which is not what you want in your body as a guy.


That’s right, those breath mints you are choking down that contain menthol are not doing you any favors. Menthol is known to cause a drop in testosterone which will do you no favors in the love-making department. Instead, opt for the flavors that don’t have mint—there are plenty.


It might be tempting to drink coffee so that you will be more awake and able to do it all night long but in reality like having alcohol—excessive amounts could lead to nervousness and your ability to perform.

Diet drinks and sodas

Sure, you want to avoid sugar but you also want your soda. Most diet beverages contain the artificial sweetener, aspartame, which messes with serotonin levels which mess with your libido (hers too.)


If your normal go-to at the movies for candy is licorice sub it out for a mint-free confection. Licorice contains glycyrrhizin (try saying that one time) which naturally occurs in the fun snack but also naturally inhibits a guy’s libido.


It’s a bland-ass cereal that leads to bland-ass sex which is the theory behind the man who invented it in the first place. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg decided that spicy foods would be no bueno for men since it inflamed their sexual desires, so he decided to make this awful-tasting cereal. We now know that sex is actually good for your health, so move onto something with taste and fuego.

Now that you know that you shouldn’t eat, here is what you should eat to boost your sexual stamina and drive. You’re welcome.

If you Drink Bottled Water You Are Also Drinking Microplastics


I just found out this week that all those bottles of water that I’ve been buying by the case and grabbing before hitting the gym are filled with some bad shit.

A study released this week showed that microplastics are present in 93 percent of the most popular brands of bottled water. Basically, it’s the unknown of what consuming microplastics will do to your body or what amount is harmful. NOAA points to health and beauty products as the culprit.

Either way, it’s better to be safe than sorry and you wouldn’t want to find out that these little bastards measuring 0.2 inches long would interfere with your sexual stamina and overall health. 

Now would be a good time to switch to a good sports bottle for guys. Here’s a few of the best ones on the market that won’t make you look like you are performing fallecio or have a pattern of daisies.

Hydro Flask Water Bottles—These bottles are aluminum-based so your water will stay cool and they come in a variety of manly/earthly colors and have a wide mouth so you can swig your water not gently sip it.

MiiR Wide Mouth Bottles—Points for color, a wide mouth and its vacuum insulation means you will not be drinking warm water. In fact, MiiR boasts that liquids stay hot or cool for 24 hours or more. The overall design is sleek and doesn’t leak.

Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle—We’ve talked about the benefits of eating fruit for better sexual performance. With this water bottle, you can continue to eat your fruit with your water thanks to a handy diffuser in the center.

4 Ways to Get Your Upper Body Ripped Fast for Summer 


4 Ways to Get Your Upper Body Ripped Fast for Summer When was the last time you took a good look at your upper body and biceps and even considered offering tickets to the gun show? Before you even open up that ticket booth for business get to work on beefing up those biceps and triceps with these arm exercises and tips.


The is the muscles towards the back of your arms and tend to be the most neglected since most guys put more time into their biceps. Think of strong triceps as a way to balance out the size of your biceps and overall arm muscles. You may be tempted to reach for a weight, but triangle pushups aka diamond pushups will get you the best and fastest results. Here is a video of how to do perfect triangle/diamond pushups.


The biceps are the most obvious arm muscle and the one that most guys notice and girls for that matter. There is no shortage of bicep exercises out there but with Spring around the corner, you will want to get ripped—fast. The standing barbell curl is still considered the quickest and simplest way to boost your biceps. Ideally, you will want to begin with a weight that challenges you at only three sets of ten reps. Check out this video on the proper way and form for doing standing barbell curls.

Consume more calories:

One of the biggest mistakes that most guys make when trying to gain muscle is not gaining enough calories in their daily diets. Muscle growth depends on the energy and fuel that you give it. Here’s a link to a handy blog on how many calories you should be consuming in order to grow your new muscles.


If you plan on hitting the gym every day, you should also plan on slowing down your muscle gain. Your resting phase allows your muscles to rest and grow as well. Trainers recommend giving your muscles 48 hours or two days of rest time before hitting the weights again. By following that formula you will grow muscles at a faster pace.

Lastly, NEVER begin ANY new diet or exercise program without consulting with your physician FIRST.

6 Vitamins to Boost Your Sex Drive and Stamina

6 Vitamins to Boost Your Sex Drive and Stamina

If you happen to be reading this particular blog, you are no doubt in search of how to boost your libido and stamina while between the sheets. No one likes a bad performance, so we’ve compiled a list of the vitamins and supplements that you need to add to your diet for a more lasting sexual impact. Plus, these vitamins are ACTUALLY beneficial for your overall health.

Before we get to the good stuff, here are a couple of disclaimers. 1. Vitamin products are considered dietary supplements by the FDA and are regulated as such.  2. Before beginning ANY new diet or exercise program or regimen you should ALWAYS consult with your physician first.

–Vitamin A.   We might as well start A to Z and Vitamin A is the right place to boost your sex hormone production. Vitamin A aids in stable reproductive cycles in women and sperm production in men.

–Vitamin B3.    Did somebody say energy? If you are short on stamina you will get the burst of energy that you need with vitamin B3 including a rush of blood flow throughout your WHOLE body. Plus, it aids in skin and nerve health.

–Vitamin B6.    Speaking of estrogen and testosterone, this vitamin helps produce more red blood cells, dopamine and serotonin. If you do have issues with sperm count, Vitamin B6 is the supplement for you!

–Vitamin B12.    We are not even out of the ‘B’ vitamins just yet, and the best is yet to come. B12 is known for enhancing sex drive and penile erection thanks to enlarging something else—blood vessels!

–Vitamin C.    If you’re having trouble getting in the mood Vitamin C is your supplement of choice plus it helps with joints, stress and your immune system.

–Vitamin E.   In terms of vitamins, this one is considered the most beneficial to your sex life. A steady diet of Vitamin E helps heighten blood flow to your genitalia AND can make you look younger. Double win!

Check out this list of the 11 Best Foods to Boost Your Health and Stamina 


New Study Explains Why Some People Turn into A’Holes When They Drink


We’ve all got that one friend or as I like to call them, party asses. You invite them out for a few beers. Things are going well maybe you even decide to order a few appetizers and start texting more friends to see if they want to meet up with you.

You think you are having a great debate over whether or not Heather Locklear still has fake tits. All of the sudden, shit gets personal and you find yourself defending anything in your buddy’s path from why you wear patterned socks to whether or not you should punch your boss in the face.

The night ends abruptly because if it doesn’t it will end badly. You’re scratching your head trying to figure out why he gets this way and what the hell did you say to set him off again. Turns out, there is a reason behind it and it’s more than just those beers he threw back.

A new study released by the University of New South Wales in Australia suggests that just a couple of drinks can interfere with your prefrontal cortex—also known as the part of the brain that keeps you from doing something stupid or turning into a dickhead for no reason.

Using an MRI, researchers looked at the brain activity of 50 healthy, young guys after they had two vodka drinks. They were looking for blood flow to the prefrontal cortex. For those that did not have the cocktails the blood flow was greater to that area. And just to be sure they had them engage with a computer game that was competitive.

So yeah, the next time you are out and you see this coming on show them this blog in a non-threatening way, of course.

President’s Day: 12 Badass and Manly Facts About our Past Presidents 

12 Badass and Manly Facts About our Past Presidents

This coming Monday marks President’s Day and I thought it was a good idea to remind everyone that the holiday is not about furniture sales. Instead, I have dug up the most badass facts of our country’s past POTUS’.

John F. “Jack” Kennedy.  The Kennedys have a long political dynasty and a long history of hooking up with the hottest women in the world. In fact, FBI tapes later revealed that he didn’t just hook up with Marilyn Monroe. He was known to have bedded Angie Dickinson, Marlene Dietrich, Jayne Mansfield, lots of strippers and pretty much tapped every ass working in The White House.

Lyndon Baines Johnson.  LBJ was not nearly as good looking as JFK but he certainly had his share of hookups as well. He was reportedly smarter and more discreet about it and had an alert system set up in the Oval Office so he wouldn’t be literally caught with his pants down.

Thomas Jefferson.   Jefferson was notorious for having affairs with his female slaves. He reportedly carried on a thirty-eight-year affair with Sally Hemings. Interestingly enough, Sally was not just his slave but was the half-sister of his deceased wife.

Martin Van Buren.   Van Buren was the eighth President of the United States and served from 1837-1841. Like most Presidents he decided to document his legacy while in office by writing an autobiography. Some have speculated that he did not like his wife of 12 years after failing to mention her zero times in his autobiography.

John Tyler.    If you thought JFK had stamina, he had nothing on our 10th POTUS. Tyler won the title for fathering the most kids. After having eight kids with his first wife, he went to have seven with his second wife and he was in his 70s by the time his last kid was born. Busy guy.

Ronald Reagan.   When you think of the eighties it’s impossible not to remember President Ronald Reagan. Pre politics while he was still an actor, he won an award for the Most Nearly Perfect Male Figure. Not sure if that honor still exists today, but way to show those guns!

John Quincy Adams.   Adams enjoyed the many pleasures and luxuries in The White House. His favorite was quite simple, he loved to skinny dip in the Potomac every morning around 5 to relieve the stress associated with the job.

Andrew Jackson.    Jackson had quite the reputation while in office. In spite of his popularity he was the first President that an assassination attempt was made on and after the gun misfired, he chased the perp with a walking stick. He also participated in over 100 duels. One duel left a man dead and several others happened all in the name of defending his wife’s good name after she reportedly married him without divorcing from her first husband. He spent most of his life with two bullets still lodged in his body—one on his chest and one in his arm. That’s pretty badass.

Gerald Ford.   Believe it or not, President Ford put himself through college working as a model and later as a Forest Ranger at Yellowstone. Basically, a real-life Ranger Rick.

Calvin Coolidge.   Coolidge was a bit of a prankster. His favorite stunt was to set off all the buttons as his desk and then either hide or run like hell. After everyone lost their minds looking for him, he would jump out and declare that he wanted to make sure they were working.

Warren Harding.   This 29th President of the United States liked to take risks which usually involved gambling. During one of the many heated games of poker, he bet The White House china and lost.

John Adams.  Our second President was no stranger to playing dirty politics. When running against Jefferson his red meat and propaganda included rape, murder and incest if they voted for Jefferson instead of Adams. In the end, the became best bros and both died on the same day and just hours apart on July 4th.

One last fun fact about ALL OUR Presidents: not one of them was a single child. 

Could McDonald’s Fries be the Answer to Baldness

Could McDonald's Fries be the Answer to Baldness

A new study claims that McDonald’s salty, iconic fries could curb or at least help with hair loss and male baldness, according to Japanese researchers.

The study claims that it’s not the salt or potato but the oil that the fries are cooked in are the active ingredient. Apparently, some miracle method contains a chemical called dimethylpolysiloxane which is…you guessed it in the oil of those delicious fries at one of the world’s most-recognizable fast food joints.

A little known fact is that dimethylpolysiloxane is also found in silly putty, breast implants and that caulk you use on the tub.

Before you run out and start chowing down on some fries this study has only been tested on rats and President Donald Trump is on a steady diet of McDonald’s cuisine and still has to fight hair loss and maintain his quiff with the prescription drug Propecia. And making matters worse was an embarrassing video that surfaced this week of President Trump’s extent of hair loss. 

In fact, I have fought the good fight of male pattern baldness and whether I should throw in the towel on my hair. After a month on Rogaine, I found out that I would rather be bald than not be able to sexually perform at my peak. You can read the whole Rogaine story here

Unless you have the metabolism to support it, avoid eating shitty fries on a daily basis or you could be battling baldness and a big gut. For now, watch for the rats staying on or leaving the sinking ship.