Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys 

Best Christmas Gift List Ideas for Guys 

It’s hard shopping for guys and I count myself among that group. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the thought and time that my girlfriend puts into gift giving, but most of the time I just buy what want and when prompted, my wishlist has already been checked off. 

When it comes to buying for guys, it’s best to consider something that he can’t or wouldn’t buy for himself but really wants. 

To make the season of gift giving easier, I put together a list the best Christmas gift list ideas for guys. 

FIXD Car Device.  This would actually make a great gift for a guy or a girl. No more going to the car mechanic and feeling clueless or having smoke blown up your ass about what repairs you need. Be in the know with this device that plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic system and let’s you know what the overall health of your vehicle. $59 

Tail Titan:  Master the tailgate with Tail Titan’s illuminated trailer hitches means you can tail gait even when you are not tail gaiting. Choose from officially-licensed NFL and NCAA teams. $149.99

Moon Phases Long-Sleeve Buttondown Shirt     Does your guy geek out over space? Then this is the perfect shirt for him. Upon initial look it’s your standard long-sleeve shirt with white dots but on closer examination it’s all the phases of the moon. Subtle enough for work but fun enough for play. $34.99

Personalized Pint Glasses. Is your guy a brewmaster or at least aspires to me? This set of four personalized pint glasses means he can own his man cave or at least play the part. Starts at $11.99

BBQ Smoker Wood Chip Grill Set.   Does your guy love to get down to grilling? This gift set doesn’t require a smoker just a gas or charcoal grill but with all the benefits. Comes with: a premium stainless steel smoker box, specialty BBQ thermometer, three flavors of smoking wood chips, instructions, recipes, and a hickory smoked sea salt. $59.

Dress to Impress.  Shopping for clothes is not fun for most guys but with, guys can choose what look they want and complete outfits will be sent to them. Unlike other wardrobe subscription services, guys are not left holding the bag on shit they don’t want or don’t want to wear. Get assigned a stylist, preview your outfits and send back what you don’t want for free. Starts at $89.

Jaybird X4 Wireless Sport Headphones.  The perfect headphones for the running outside, inside or just hitting the gym. Fits snugly and comfortably in your ears without long cords tripping up your workout PLUS it’s waterproof so no amount of sweat or weather is going to damage the EQ sound quality or 8 hours of play time in a single charge. $129

The Worst Holiday Gifts You Can Give a Guy


I was recently at one of those white elephant gift exchanges where you open wrapped presents such as a Chia pet, The Clapper or basically any item that falls under the “As Seen on TV” category.

Naturally, I ended up with some crappy whiskey stones that I already had at home and never get used. The conversation took a turn towards the worst and most intentioned gifts that we guys at the party have ever received.

I felt compelled to share this list as a lesson to all the women out there to steer clear of these items when gift giving.

Handmade “love/favor” coupons.  First off, these coupons are never redeemable. Seriously, just try using the “free back massage at any time” coupons. I promise it won’t lead to a happy ending.

Books.  It goes without saying that self-help books are especially horrible but this goes for novels too. One of the worst gifts I have ever received was a book called, for one more day by the author, Mitch Albom. It was technically a guilt gift from my mother, not my girlfriend but it certainly wasn’t meant to bring me any pleasure. 

Ancestry/DNA kit.  The marketing departments for DNA testing kits seem to think that finding out that you’re just a standard Heinz 57 American is a great gift for the holiday season. Leave those kinds of gifts to their own personal sleuthing and interests and or some random aunt in his family.

Hair Trimmers.  Any hair removal system is just a bad idea. Although, one of the guys confessed that he actually uses the nose hair trimmer that his fiance bought him two years ago, but he hated getting it and already had one. Just let us do the hair trimmer shopping on our own.

Underwear.  NO, not the sexy kind that you get on Valentine’s Day that turns her on. No, I’m talking your standard 5-pack of cotton briefs, boxers or boxer briefs. It’s just a big buzzkill and it’s hard to hide your disappointment when you pick up the wrapped package and immediately identify its contents. Plus, most guys are hoping you didn’t buy them a small.

Bathrobes.  Unless it’s on our wish list and we specifically ask for it…don’t buy a new bathrobe for us. Chances are if we haven’t gotten one for ourselves, we prefer air drying in the buff or just want to wrap a towel around us. This goes double for towels.

Stationary.  No matter how fancy it is, unless he specifically asked for it, skip this bland gift. That’s all.

Tacky ties.  Bowties have made a fashion comeback, but unless he specifically asks for a set or a new one and you know him well enough, just don’t bother getting one. If your guy wants one bad enough he will pick up the snowman tie for himself.

Coffee mug.  I don’t care if your man consumes 10 cups of coffee every morning, he doesn’t want a coffee mug that says, “world’s greatest…”

If you need some inspiration on what you should buy check out this list of the Top 7 Insanely Cool Gift Ideas for Guys

7 Insanely Cool Holiday Gift Ideas for Guys

7 Insanely Cool Holiday Gift Ideas for Guys

It’s the holiday season and guess what? Most guys still want cool gifts even if their interests still revolve around sports, grilling meats, sex or bigger TVs to watch NFL RedZone.

Here are 7 insanely cool holiday gift ideas for any guy in your life.

Officially Licensed NCAA Illuminated Trailer Hitch CoversThe perfect gift for the sports fan that has everything. Show your support for your favorite sports’ team whether it’s the NFL, NCAA, MLB, or the NBA TailTitans has got you and your trailer hitch covered. Available on for $149 (when using discount code BLACKFRIDAY100). 

Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Charger—This is the droid that the Star Wars guy in your life is looking for. This officially-licensed Star Wars charger means that he can no longer use the excuse that his cell phone died so he couldn’t call you back. The two 2.1 Amp ports allow you to charge two gadgets at the same time. BB-8’s head moves, rotates and makes authentic sounds, but you can always mute the effects if it’s getting on your nerves. Available on $39.99 

Weber® iGrill® 3 Digital Bluetooth Thermometer—This gadget will have your grill master geeking out this holiday season. The iGrill® 3 digital Bluetooth thermometer means that you never have to leave the sofa to monitor your grilling temps. This little tool monitors meats using probes that send updates to your smartphone or device and lets you know when those ribs are at the perfect temp. Best of all, you have the option to connect up to four different probes so you can have the most kick-ass mixed grill on the street.  Available on $95.99

Cooper Cooler Tailgater Rapid Beverage and Wine Chiller—No time to chill that beer? No worries, because this beverage chiller brings bottles or cans of beer to the optimal temperature in just a few minutes. Key product features include setting for bottles of wine, soda or any standard-sized beer. Available at $99

6DOLLARSHIRTS—We bet your guy doesn’t have these t-shirts. As the name implies, these unique and trendy tees start at just six bucks or you can score 10 for fifty bucks. Choose from one-of-a-kind designs including partying, graphics and vintage, TV and movies, gaming and more! Available on $6

Exotic Meats Jerkygram—What mountain man doesn’t want a variety of dried meats. This sample of jerky comes with a ostrich, alpaca, alligator, wild boar and buffalo-trapper style jerky. Perfect for the outdoorsman junky this makes the perfect protein snack. Available on $39.99 In The Box

What Do You Meme? Party Game—Got a Cards Against Humanity ace? Get him to step up his game with this board game based on internet memes. Perfect for showing off or showing his ass at parties. Either way, enjoy with friends and booze. $16.99

 Best Damn Cajun Turkey Rub for Fried Turkey


I love the hell out of my turkey fryer and Thanksgiving is a great excuse to fry up a bird. It also gives me a good excuse to hang outside with a beer as early at 10am. Over the years, I’ve tried out a few rubs. Some too spicy and some too bland but this turkey rub is the most flavorful one, hands down. 

Just a couple of quick tips before I deliver this recipe. Unless you want the fire department at your house or a night in an emergency room, do NOT fry a turkey that is not COMPLETELY thawed. The grease temperature gets scorching hot and it will burst into flames. Also, don’t forget to pat-dry your turkey and invest in a good thermometer for the best cooking. 

In fact, watch this handy turkey frying safety video from firefighters. Hey, they would know. 

Ok, now you are ready for the recipe

Cajun Turkey Rub for Fried Turkey 


2 cups Italian dressing—I use the pre-mixed, but you can make your own with this homemade Italian dressing recipe 

1/2 cup cayenne pepper

3 tablespoons of melted butter

1/2 cup black pepper

1 cup Cajun seasoning. I like to use Tony Chachere’s but buy whatever you want h2 tablespoons garlic powder


Grab a medium mixing bowl toss in your dry ingredients first including your cajun Creole seasoning, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and garlic powder. In a separate bowl, whisk in your Italian dressing and melted butter and add to dry mix—making sure to completely saturate all ingredients. 

Rub mixture all over turkey making sure to completely coat it. If you are lucky enough to have any leftover ingredients such as Italian dressing, give the inside of the turkey a rub as well.  As with all rubs…allow to marinate at least 24 hours before cooking. 

Happy Thanksgiving and don’t burn the house down. 

How to Survive Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Family at Thanksgiving

How to Survive Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Family at Thanksgiving

I still remember the first time I met my first serious girlfriend’s family for the first time. Before I go into the details, I want to let you know that the girl you think you know may be nothing like her family, or worse (in my case)—could be like them. And if you plan on meeting your girl’s family for the first time, doing it at Thanksgiving is a brave move. 

It all started with a few beers, a few shots and a bottle of wine during dinner. I was living in NYC in a cramped apartment that was scarcely 400 square-feet and had the nerve to call itself a two-bedroom one-bath place. 

Stumbling home, my inhibitions were replaced with the word words, I love you. At least that’s what my girlfriend thought I said. And so, a plan was hatched (by her) to buy plane tickets to visit her family as a plus one to Florida. 

I didn’t really know much about her family outside of the fact that her mother liked red wine and her father loved to play pool in the game room. She spoke of the bond that she had with her older sister who lived next door to their parents and how her brother deserved more compassion because of the shitty hand life had dealt him. 

The reality? Within the first five minutes of meeting her mother she asked me if I wanted to get high (to the horror of my girlfriend), her sister was insanely jealous of her and spent around 10 minutes talking about herself and my girlfriend’s most embarrassing party fouls like that time she danced on a bar or had to pee in the glow of car tail lights at an outdoor concert. Basically, her sister was performing a textbook cock block. 

And her brother might have had is own set of issues, but his humor was insulting and not in a good Don Rickles kind of way. He just kept poking fun at everyone at a fifth-grade level and intellect. He also stepped outside to hit a bong every few minutes and “mom” joined in. 

Needless to say, the flight home was a quiet one and I barely spoke to my girlfriend as I mulled over the past 38 hours of uncomfortable beds and moments. I damn near broke up with her before we even touched down at LaGuardia. 

Here are my takeaways from surviving meeting your girlfriend’s family: 

-Expect the unexpected or be prepared for your girlfriend to act a little “off.” Remember, these are her people or the ones that raised her and impacted who she is today. Or, it could go the other way and she clams up and retreats. Be ready to go into full observation mode. 

-Avoid the topic of religion and politics at all costs, and get the hell out of any room where Fox News or CNN is on. Seriously, high tail it out of there. 

-Don’t get drunk with the pervy alcoholic uncle in the family. Actually, don’t get drunk with the family alcoholic. Want to know which one is the heavy drinker? Typically, it’s the first person to pop the cork the earliest in the day. 

-Bite your tongue. You are most likely being sized up as worthy to date their daughter, so everything you are saying is being analyzed. You may even be baited into talking about sex, and not necessarily with your girlfriend but just general locker room talk. Instead of sharing any conquests or regrets over a beer goggle hookup, turn the conversation back to the stories of the guy conducting the covert inquest. 

Follow these steps and you should stay out of trouble. One additional bit of advice….keep the visit short as in 48 hours or less.