I was recently at one of those white elephant gift exchanges where you open wrapped presents such as a Chia pet, The Clapper or basically any item that falls under the “As Seen on TV” category.

Naturally, I ended up with some crappy whiskey stones that I already had at home and never get used. The conversation took a turn towards the worst and most intentioned gifts that we guys at the party have ever received.

I felt compelled to share this list as a lesson to all the women out there to steer clear of these items when gift giving.

Handmade “love/favor” coupons.  First off, these coupons are never redeemable. Seriously, just try using the “free back massage at any time” coupons. I promise it won’t lead to a happy ending.

Books.  It goes without saying that self-help books are especially horrible but this goes for novels too. One of the worst gifts I have ever received was a book called, for one more day by the author, Mitch Albom. It was technically a guilt gift from my mother, not my girlfriend but it certainly wasn’t meant to bring me any pleasure. 

Ancestry/DNA kit.  The marketing departments for DNA testing kits seem to think that finding out that you’re just a standard Heinz 57 American is a great gift for the holiday season. Leave those kinds of gifts to their own personal sleuthing and interests and or some random aunt in his family.

Hair Trimmers.  Any hair removal system is just a bad idea. Although, one of the guys confessed that he actually uses the nose hair trimmer that his fiance bought him two years ago, but he hated getting it and already had one. Just let us do the hair trimmer shopping on our own.

Underwear.  NO, not the sexy kind that you get on Valentine’s Day that turns her on. No, I’m talking your standard 5-pack of cotton briefs, boxers or boxer briefs. It’s just a big buzzkill and it’s hard to hide your disappointment when you pick up the wrapped package and immediately identify its contents. Plus, most guys are hoping you didn’t buy them a small.

Bathrobes.  Unless it’s on our wish list and we specifically ask for it…don’t buy a new bathrobe for us. Chances are if we haven’t gotten one for ourselves, we prefer air drying in the buff or just want to wrap a towel around us. This goes double for towels.

Stationary.  No matter how fancy it is, unless he specifically asked for it, skip this bland gift. That’s all.

Tacky ties.  Bowties have made a fashion comeback, but unless he specifically asks for a set or a new one and you know him well enough, just don’t bother getting one. If your guy wants one bad enough he will pick up the snowman tie for himself.

Coffee mug.  I don’t care if your man consumes 10 cups of coffee every morning, he doesn’t want a coffee mug that says, “world’s greatest…”

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