Halloween Candy Sucks for Some Kids Trick-or-Treating in Some States Says Ibotta


by Guest blogger: Angela Cavallari Walker

If you are lucky enough to live in Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, Utah or California Halloween will be sweet this year, according to data from the shopping app, Ibotta.

If you happen to live in Georgia, or Alabama you stand to get screwed royally when it comes to your annual candy haul. Gird your loins—Charlie Brown you are getting half the rocks. Worse than that…freaking Michigan was also on the stingy candy list. I mean, hasn’t that state suffered enough with shitty water?

The findings were based on looking at candy sales from the prior Halloween candy purchases back in the good ol’ days of 2015 and 2016.

For several generations, Halloween has become a rite-of-passage and the amount and what kind of candy you scored is treated as universal currency among kids. Ibotta’s latest findings just go to show that not much has changed even today.

At the end of the night, plastic buckets, pillowcases, and sponsored bags hanging on by one broken plastic handle were dumped into a large pile.

Back in the day, I couldn’t give away a pack of Beechum’s gum, dark licorice or that awful orange and black-wrapped taffy candies that were made of petroleum and children’s tears. I went to work sorting anything with a silver wrapper the fastest since chocolate was considered the gold standard of candy currency.

This ritual continues to play out even today in the less traditional count rooms of carpeted floors and tabletops. The same candy is still un-tradeable, chocolate still reigns as the most valuable confection and getting a toothbrush is the equivalent of getting a rock. 


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