The Newbies Guide to Joining a Fantasy Football League in 2017

I’m about to make my fantasy football league dream a reality next week and in spite of my girlfriend’s best efforts to block me from being on the playing field, and hanging with my bros, I plan on scoring.

This is not my first game, so I wanted to share some tips for newbies to fantasy football leagues. Here’s the best way to tackle your next Fantasy Football League this fall season.

Don’t be a dickhead:    Even in the real world of the elite and rich football team owners, many don’t get ahead by stepping on the backs of colleagues and fellow owners. Treat your circle of fantasy football league owners the same. This doesn’t mean that a little friendly competition is off the field, but be respectful and consider not screwing anyone over so that you are not suspended from the league—indefinitely.

Do your research, EARLY:   You will soon learn who in your league is half-assing it and treats it as a way to escape their home life rather than taking it seriously enough to be respectful. If you are treating this league like a passive hobby, then you need to reconsider joining a league. Just keep in mind that your delay could mean that you will most likely be auto drafted by default.

Stay strong:    It might be hard to feel like a loser in your first or second draft, or especially when one of your players blows out a knee and there is no chance of recovery, but no one likes a sore loser and remind yourself that in life and fantasy football leagues, you win some—you lose some. Plus, you can learn a lot about trade offers which will only add to your knowledge.

Don’t sit on trade offers:    Speaking of trade offers, try not to drag your feet making an educated decision once the occasion presents itself. Frankly, it’s really annoying when someone dicks around with getting back to you.

Pay promptly:    Put up or shut up. Try not be a pain-in-the ass by dragging out your payments. You’re in the big leagues now and you should act accordingly.

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