Sex Still Happening at Work Says Survey

Forget catching your co-workers wasting time on social media or shopping on Amazon. Turns out, they are getting it on, according to a survey released by Yellow Octopus

The Australian-based retailer asked 1,000 of its employees what secretive shenanigans they are up to while clocked in at work. In fact, one in eleven workers squeezes in a quickie in the copy room from time to time. Still, most of the sex happening at work involves a party-of-one.

Here are the survey’s takeaways:

No shocker here but the percentage of men (13%) outnumber the percentage of women (5%) that masturbate at work.

Of those surveyed, 40% have pleasured themselves at the office more than 6 times followed by 38% that have done it 2-3 times and 22% admitted to doing it just once.

11% of men have watched porn at work with just 3% of women owning up to it.

10% have had sex with a partner while on-the-clock.

Survey respondents were smart enough to avoid getting caught while doing the deed at work with 72% having sex at work after traditional working hours. Still, 36% threw caution to the wind and went for it followed by 17% who were early risers in more ways than one.

While having sex at work may seem like grounds for termination, those surveyed had a little bit of a different idea for the most unforgivable sins at work. For instance, 82% think getting drunk or doing drugs while on the job is the worst. Apparently, we are our own worst critics because 79% felt that masturbation or watching porn (76%) while at work was the second worst offense. Huh?

Take heart, because falling asleep and stealing another co-worker’s food is still worse than using social media or getting caught doing the deed. 

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