Believe it or not, the “duck face” lips are not as sexy to guys as they are to the girls making them. In fact, it’s the moments on this list where women are not even aware they are being sexy—they are just being women.

So, without further ado, I give you the 7 sexiest things women do that are a turn-on for guys.

  1. Putting on lipstick or lip balm using your rear-view mirror.   There is something about a woman applying lipstick. Doesn’t matter the color, gloss or if it’s just plain ol’ Chapstick.

2. Watching a women while she’s running or jogging.   I don’t care if it’s a treadmill or a sidewalk. A women that runs with her shoulders back, and muscular legs in motion is a sight to behold. It wreaks of confidence and natural stamina and physique.

3. Whenever a women is stretching.   This could apply to simple stretches before exercising or just arching their backs mid yawn.

4. Intelligence.   Yes, a smart woman that doesn’t have to show off her intellect but points out something very profound holds quite a bit of respect IMHO. Forget being a bimbo, sexy is all about an educated and intelligent woman.

5. Necklaces that define the nape of a woman’s neck.   The well-defined nape of a woman’s neck is an instant turn on and the right jewelry that brings that out is irresistible.

6. Tall women.   Any woman that is over say, 5 feet 8 inches tall whether it’s because of high heels or a god-given stature. 

7. An “innie” navel.   A slightly exposed navel or belly button is super sexy. Or even just a little of exposed skin whether deliberate or not. In fact, the less deliberate it is, the better.

Guys, what about you…what’s your biggest and less-obvious turn on in a woman?

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