Any guy that has ever heard the words, “I think we should see other people,” OR worse “I wand a divorce,” knows it’s basically the emotional equivalent of being kicked in the balls.  Take heart, because you are more likely to bounce back from a broken heart or even a divorce over getting canned at work, according to data from The University of East Anglia and the What Works Center for Wellbeing.

The study’s findings were based on over 4,000 research papers which pointed to getting fired as the main culprit including: the biggest shock to the ego, mental well-being and an individual’s overall happiness with life in general. Additionally, some may never recover from the blow.

In fact, men (especially younger guys) more than their female counterparts could be hurt up to four years down the line after getting shit canned compared to just two years following the loss of a spouse through death or divorce.

The best hope to a semi-full recovery is similar to recovering from a divorce or a really bad breakup, say experts.  Basically, you make yourself available, put yourself out there again and trade-up for a better job title and better pay.


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