It’s not difficult to look dapper and hip no matter the occasion. We’ve put together a list of items that will become the staples that you grab in your closet whether you going out with the boys, dining out with your boss or on a date. 


Grey Suit— This classic look is perfect for job interviews, that big presentation, a romantic date or dinner with your boss.

Navy Blue Blazer— The versatile staple works with jeans or Khakis, t-shirt or button-down.

Denim Jacket— Pair with jeans, white t-shirt and you are ready for a casual brunch.


Button-down white shirt— Chances are you have at least one white-button down. Do an inventory on those white button-down shirts. Are they worn out around the collar, yellowed or stained? Throw them out and stock up with at least two new ones. Layer with a sweater, pair with jeans, under that grey suit or on their own.

White t-shirt— You can never have too many white t-shirts v-neck or crew. Throw it on under a blazer with jeans or skip the blazer all together. Just make sure it’s good quality and not see-through.

Pink Button-Down Shirt— Pink is a popular color for guys believe it not and makes a great weekend staple during the warm summer months. Pair with jeans, dress pants or under a blazer.

Cashmere Sweater— You don’t need to break the bank on this one. Mostly, it’s just for layering or wearing on its own. A good cashmere blend will do…just make sure you’re not allergic or wind up scratching your neck all night.


Beige/Tan and Navy/Dark Blue Chinos— This neutral flat-fronted pant can be dressed up or dressed down with a t-shirt or a sport coat.

Dark Denim Jeans— Dark denim jeans can create a slimming look depending on your shape and height. Dark denim offers the versatility of day with a quick transformation to an evening out…simply pair with that navy blazer and that white-button down shirt.


Oxford Dress Shoes— The squared-off dress shoes are a timeless look that goes well with a suit, jeans or chinos.

Dress Boots— Short zippered boots pairs perfectly with jeans or dress pants.


Cufflinks— Cufflinks are a classic look that will never go out of style. What you spend on cufflinks is up to you. You can get a pair for as little as $20 bucks and into the thousands for a platinum pair.

Designer Watch— A decent stylish watch takes your look to a whole new level. Again, the price point ranges. One tip: check the local pawn shop for a good deal on a designer watch rather than retail.

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