To hell with forbidden fruit. Take a lesson from Popeye and consume these 11 foods to boost your sex drive, metabolism and improve your overall health.

  1. Spinach—The green leafy veggie packs a punch of magnesium that actually helps develop muscles. So yeah, Popeye was onto something. In addition to boosting muscles, spinach helps boost testosterone. 

2. Basil – Get your blood and other organs pumping with this healthy herb that is also said to bring on overall vivication in the ahem, extremities. Given that this herb is Italian, its benefits should come as no surprise.

3. Peppers— Wouldn’t you like to be a pepper? If you are looking to raise your heart rate and increase your testosterone then you may want to EAT a pepper. When the compound in peppers, Capsaicin, hits you it also releases endorphins and can dilate blood vessels. Woot Woot!

4. Flax Seeds– Yes, the words, “flax seed consumption” have rarely been associated with sex but believe it or not, flax seeds are amazing for women and men.

5. Tomato— You say tomato, she ways tomato or you both say….YES ,YES, YES! Doesn’t matter how you pronounce it, lycopene is known to aid in prostate health. Raw or cooked will do the trick.

6. Walnuts and Almonds – Go nuts and increase blood flow and the fatty acids needed to produce hormones for men and women alike.

7. Chia Seeds— Yes, these are the same seeds that are spread on those Chia Pets that they sell at Walgreens. However, they are also delicious on salads and can be sprinkled on virtually anything. Just like walnuts and almonds, they also contain fatty acids to help promote hormone growth.

8. Maca— The Peruvian root is known to boost energy, fertility and your libido for men and women. You can track this root down at most health food stores such as GNC.

9. Garlic— It may not smell that great on your breath, but garlic does amazing things for your immune system and keeps your heart healthy for sexual activity.

10. Celery— The crunchy snack is chock-full of androsterone known for its benefits in promoting masculinity. Sadly, most guys think of this as a diet food for women but it does amazing things for men.

11. Bananas— Yes, you will go bananas when you find out what that this fruit contains Bromelain that is known to kick up your libido. 

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